Sago Bonda/ Javvarisi Bonda/ Saggubiyyam Bonda

Want to have something comforting for the cold weather…

This is a very simple tea time snacks that can be enjoyed with some sambar or chutney. If you have a get together next time, don’t forget this bonda. A tasty little bite, best for girls chit chat evening…

Ingredients :

Idli batter - 1 cup
Rice flour - 2 teaspoon
Sago pearls - ½ cup
Red onions - ½ cup finely diced
Green chilies - 2 finely minced
Grated ginger - ½ teaspoon
Curry leaves - 10 cut into pieces
Cilantro - 4 to 5 sprigs finely chopped

Oil for deep frying

Procedure : 
Soak sago in enough cold water for 3 to 4 hours. It will almost double in size. Later drain the sago and mix all the above ingredients together. Batter should be in the consistency like a cookie batter or bonda batter. SHold is able to from small dumplings out of it. Check for salt.

Heat oil in a deep dish. When the oil is of medium heat. Drop small dumpling of the mixed batter and deep fry it until golden brown in color.

Note: Not necessary that all the dumplings should be the same shape. But try to maintain the same size for even cooking.

If the batter is runny try adding some more onions and rice flour. If it is too thick, sprinkle some water.

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  1. Delicious..can I come over :))
    Love this and they look so crispy n crunchy!! Loved your choco barks too :)

    US Masala

  2. I love dis..even we make it..

  3. looks so crisp and delicious

  4. wow, sago bonda with idli batter.. sound new an yummy !!

  5. very nice recipe..looks yumm

  6. Woww crispy bondas looks superb, a prefect snacks for chilled evening..

  7. Wow crisy n yummu bondas out there!

  8. looks very delicous and interesting one

  9. sounds great for tea! You made me hungry, just had my lunch:( I have put on weight doing blog hopping like this:)

  10. Beautiful bonda...perfect with chai.

  11. Wow....simple and yum...perfect snack...

  12. Thank u friends for ur comments....

  13. HI Sukanya,

    Receipe looks yummy and cripsy...will sure soon and let you know.

  14. Wowww... bonda looks so tempting and inviting.. perfect evng snack.. thanks for the recipe :)
    Indian Cuisine



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