Chocolate Bark

Hi all… Its me again after a short unapprised break……

This is a perfect treat for my chocoholic friends. I love chocolate bark as it can be customized to each ones taste. The dried fruit and nut in this recipe is my favorite combo. I have used crystallized ginger in this recipe which makes my chocolate bark unique from others. Crystallized ginger makes such a difference in taste with all the dried fruits, nuts and chocolate.

I love to use a mixture of milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate. This gives a dark rich chocolate color and taste great too….

Actually thought of posting this for Valentine’s day. As my son keeps me busy always, just found time know…. Enjoy….

Ingredients : 

Semi-sweet chocolate chips - 8 ounce
Milk chocolate - 8 ounce
Toasted almonds chopped - ¼ cup
Salted cashews chopped - ¼ cup
Dried cranberries chopped - ¼ cup
Dried mango chopped - ¼ cup
Crystallized ginger finally chopped - 2 tablespoon

Procedure : 
Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. While melting the chocolate, melt it 3 to 4 time in regular intervals as chocolate can get burnt very easily. Use the lowest power to melt the chocolate.

Alternatively a double boiler can be used to melt the chocolate.

Line the baking sheet with parchment paper. Now pour the chocolate over the parchment paper. Sprinkle all the dried fruits and nuts over the melted chocolate while it is still warm.

Allow this to set for 2 hours or until the chocolate is completely set and cooled. Now slowly remove the parchment paper and cut the chocolate bark into pieces.

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  1. Chocolate fruit and nuts are a match made in heaven!

  2. Omg, feel like munching some, simply irresistible..

  3. Thank u Divya and Priya for ur comments.....

  4. Perfect for chocs lovers like me..looks yummy

  5. Feel like grabing one.Very nice and colurful one

  6. wow! that looks GOOD!

  7. Truly irresistable...

  8. Lovely , pass some here..

  9. Thank u friends for ur comments... Glad that u all liked it....

  10. Love this choc bark...yummy!!

  11. wow they look so gorgeous!



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