Chocolate Turkey | Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a Harvest festival here in US. Usually this is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving is not completed without turkey. Each family has their own recipe for grilled turkey. For this thanksgiving I made chocolate turkey in my kitchen.

Basically I have used various sizes of Reese's peanut butter cups candy for turkey body and head. Yellow and Orange M&M candies for turkey feathers. Eyeball candies for eyes and orange egg shape candy for beak.

Ingredients :

Reese's candy cups - Assorted sizes

Yellow and Orange M&M

Eyeball candies

Tiny egg sprinkle (for beak)

White chocolate few

Procedure : 

Melt some chocolate chips to glue the candies

Add a big drop of melted chocolate on top of big Reese's candy

Add a mini Reese's candy on top of the melted chocolate

Add a tiny drop of melted chocolate and add M&M

Add yellow and orange M&M alternatively to replicate feathers of turkey

Add a very tiny drops of melted chocolate on the mini Reese's for eyes and beak

Attach eyes and beak

Allow it to cool and set

Step by Step Video:

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