Rose Shrikhand

My Valentine's day post is a day late, had some issues with my blog. Hope everyone had lovely Valentine's day. Belated wishes to all. So coming to the the recipe......

Whats Valentine's day without roses! So I am celebrating this Valentine's day with rose shrikhand.

This recipe is formulated just for Valentine's day to stick with the theme roses. This is a very simple recipe, just hung some curd and flavor it with gulkand and sweeten it with a touch of honey. The measurement can be altered according to one wish as this is a free formed dessert.

Ingredients :

Hung curd - 1 cup
Gulkand - 1tablespoon
Honey - 1 teaspoon
Rose water - 1/4 teaspoon
Saffron 1 pinch
Fresh Rose petals washed and chopped for garnishing

Procedure : 

For hung curd refer to my Strawberry Shrikhand  recipe

Place the hung yogurt in a bowl and add the other ingredients and mix well. Do don't forget to crush the saffron to enhance more flavor. Now taste it and adjust the sweetness or the flavor of gulkand accordingly. Keep it in the refrigerator for a while and then serve it cold.

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  1. Happy valentine's day to u too,rose shrikand sounds awesome,i have tried it with sour cream,but addition of rose petal is new twist....

  2. Rose shrikhand looks awesome.. Loved the addition of gulkand..

  3. Delicious shrikhand with rose..

  4. Thanks u friends for ur comments. Glad that u all liked it....

  5. looks fabulously delicious

  6. wow, awesome shrikhand, absolutely yum..

    Join the Just "4" Fun event :)

  7. Yummy Shrikhand...Apt dessert for the season.

  8. Looks Delicious Sukanya...Never tried making Shrikhand at home...will give it a try soon

  9. Thank u friends for ur comments....

  10. That looks so flavor-rich n yummy

  11. Looks very attractive and beautiful ur dessert!

  12. I was planning to make this as well,looks lovely!

  13. So yummy n flavorful shrikhand,well presented too....

  14. wow ! what a click ! shrikhand looks yum.

  15. I had this idea in mind .. just did a search and came across you rblog.. lovely little space you have girl

    glad to follow you :)



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