Indoor S’mores

The most existing part of camping is lighting up a campfire in the dusk and no campfire will be complete without toasting S'mores. This is a all time kid's favorite campfire treat.

S'mores are traditionally cooked using a campfire. A marshmallow, usually held by a metal or wooden skewer, is heated over the fire until it is golden brown. Traditionally, the marshmallow is gooey but not burnt, but, depending on individual preference and cooking time, marshmallows can range from barely warm to charred. The roasted marshmallow is then sandwiched between two halves of a graham cracker and a piece of chocolate, between the graham crackers.

During this pandemic period going out for camping is not easy. Staying at home without any vacation and fun time for kids, this Indoor S'mores is a best way to recreate outdoor camping. This whole recipe is made in oven  instead of direct fire. 

Ingredients :

Graham Cracker 
Candy bars


Procedure : 

Turn on the oven in broil setting (low broil)

1. Place the graham crackers on a sheet pan

2. Top the graham crackers with 1 marshmallow 

3. Toast it oven for 5 mins or until the marshmallows are light brown and melts a bit 

4. Remove from oven and place a chocolate bar on top of the hot marshmallow. Chocolate bar will start to melt slightly. 

5. Add another graham cracker on top of melted chocolate like a sandwich 

Enjoy !!

Step by Step recipe Video:

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