Christmas Cakesicles

December is the month of preparation and celebration!
Christmas is a big and happiest festival celebrated with family and friends. For me Christmas is full of colors, glitter and lights. 

Cakesicles are nothing but a cake pop in a popsicle shape. I have made cake pops with plain vanilla cake and vanilla butter cream icing. And decorated them with Christmas theme sprinkles and fondant.

Ingredients :

Candy Melts 

Plain Vanilla cake (any cake can be used)

Butter cream icing 

Fondant and Christmas sprinkles


Cakesicles Mould

Popsicles stick

Procedure : 

Melt some candy melts as per the instructions 

Coat a layer of melted  candy melt on the cakesicle mould. Mould must be coated fully without any gap. Let it dry and set. 

Crumble some plain cake (any flavor of plain cake can be used). 

Add some butter cream icing and start mixing. Add butter cream icing until the mixture becomes like a dough.

Stuff the cake mixture in the mould on top of candy melt.

Insert a popsicle stick in the slot until marking on the mould. Refrigerate this until the cake mixture is firm a bit.

Top it with melted candy melt. cover the sides properly and let it set completely.

Unmold the cake pops from the moulds very carefully/slowly.

Trim the edges if needed

Decorated the cakesicles with fondant and Christmas theme sprinkles.


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