Ghost Chocolate Bark | Halloween Treats

Halloween parties are not completed without 2 things -  Costumes and lots of themed treats. These scary-good treat ideas are a must at any Halloween party, whether you're hosting or heading to a friend's. 

These are really cute and fun to make. My kids enjoyed making them with me and who wouldn't love a bark of chocolates.

Barks are very versatile candy which can be designed accordingly to any occasion. 

Ingredients :

Semi sweet chocolate - 1
White chocolate - 1/4  cup
White Sprinkles 
Pearl candy few

Procedure : 

Line a tray with parchment paper.

Melt semi sweet chocolate chips in microware for few mins. Mix it until melted

Now mix vigorously until chocolate is nice and glossy

Pour the melted chocolate on lined tray and spread it to 1/4 inch thickness

Melt  white chocolate in same way. Scoop a spoonful of white chocolate and use a toothpick to form ghost shape

Pipe ghost eyes and mouth with melted semi sweet chocolate

Add some white sprinkles and some white pearl candy

Let it dry for 2 hours or until its harden 

Remove the wax paper and cut it into random shape (without cutting the ghost face) 

Step by Step Video :

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