Strawberry Trifle

Trifle is originally from England. They use lady fingers and brush them with a fruit flavored liquor and top it with custard and then they are top with fruits.

The trifle which I have made contains cubes of pound cake and top it with strawberry sauce and then I dollop fresh whipped cream and line them with fresh strawberry. Some times I even add a layer of strawberry jelly. Then I refrigerate them for a couple of hours and then while serving I used top it off with some whipped cream and sliced strawberry.

Basically trifle is a creamy dessert. It is a layer on layer assembling dessert. I always make my own whipping cream and strawberry, but sometimes I use a store bought one. The trifle in these pictures has my home made whipping cream and strawberry sauce. It is simple and a decadent dessert apt for all occasions.

As I mentioned above trifle is an assembling dessert, they can be done in a big container or in small container. If there is a large crowd for my party I used to do in a big trifle container or if I have only a couple of guests then I would make individual trifle for each one.

So Strawberry Trifle is my first contibution to Nandita's WBB#11 Summer Fruits.

Ingredients :

Fresh Strawberry sliced – ½ cup
Pound cake – 1 loaf (I used store bought pound cake)
Fresh whipped cream – 1 cup (recipe follows)
Strawberry sauce – ½ cup (re follows)

Procedure :

1. Cut the pound cake in cubes. They can be rustic.

2. In an individual wide glass, arrange the cake cubes first.

3. Drizzle the strawberry sauce generously.

4. Dollop the fresh cream over the strawberry sauce.

5. Then arrange fresh strawberry over the fresh cream.

6. Now again arrange the cake cubes over the strawberry and continue the above steps until the glass is filled.

7. Cover the glasses with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator until chilled or until it is served.

8. Before serving garnish it with whipped cream and little sauce.

Fresh Whipped Cream

Ingredients :

Heavy whipping cream – ½ cup
Sugar – 2 tablespoon

Procedure :

1. Take a shallow and big bowl. Keep the heavy whipping cream in fridge until used. It must be cold.

2. Pour the cream to a bowl and whip it in the electric hand mixer or use a whisk. Add sugar when the cream starts to form.

3. Whip the cream until a stiff peak is formed. That is, it should be in the consistency of a soft ice-cream.

Strawberry sauce

Ingredients :

Fresh strawberry – 1 cup
Sugar – ¼ cup
Water – ½ cup

Corn starch – 1 tablespoon
Lime juice – 1 teaspoon

Procedure :

1. Puree the strawberry in the blender with sugar and water.

2. Pour the puree in a sauce pan and add the cornstarch and bring it to boil.

3. After the sauce is thick enough. Switch off the burner and stir in the butter and lime juice.


  1. Anonymous19/5/07

    Hi sukanya...
    All ur recipes are very nice. Strawberry trifle is looking soo cute. Nice photo.

  2. Strawberry Trifle looks so nice!! :)

  3. that looks pretty with such lovely colors!

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  5. Sukanya, Thx for visiting my blog & leading me into urs, Appreciate ur nice words :-)

    U have a nice blog urself & the strawberry trifle looks amazing, I have a weakness for sweets, u can imagine how tempting this is :-)

  6. I am drooling girl!!!!! Love the presentation!!!

  7. Welcome to my blog Aruna....Thank u for ur comments.

  8. Hey this look really made every thing from scratch. The easy part much be the layering,right :D

  9. Really rich and colourful dessert.I liked the way you have assembled it in glasses.

  10. Hi Sukanya this triffle looks YUMMY! I love triffle yours looks fantastic with those lovely pictures. :)

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  12. You know, I used to think that you are a nice person and that you genuinely liked me... but I can see that you are just out to torture me (lol).

    I L-O-V-E trifle! Now you make me want to have trifle and you know last week that I had rice pudding and strawberry sauce. Why oh why are you doing this to me? :D

  13. Ha...Ha...Ha...Ha...Thank u Cynthia for ur comments.

  14. wow!! what a beautiful pic!!its so so beautiful!!great job!

  15. OMG!! this ones just out of the world!!! lovely recipe... thanx!

  16. wow oh my delicious! only wish i could have one cup of it! GReat photos tooo!

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  18. Oh Sukanya,
    you are killing me with your great presentations. Absolutely loved it.

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  20. Wow a lovely looking dessert.. If u have the ingredients I think it is very easy to make. I must tell u ur persentation is really good. thanks for sharing it ... i have book marked it.

  21. Dessert looks yummy sukanya.
    Lord krishna's picture is very nice

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  23. Hi sukanya
    the strawberry trifle is looking very interesting.sounds yummy!!

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  25. Hi Sukanya,
    Very nice recipe. Thanks for sharing.


  26. I am making this at the weekend!
    looks so yummmmmmmm

  27. Anonymous11/2/09

    Everything looks amazing, I'm just a little confused about the Strawberry Sauce. Number 3 states to put butter into the mixture but does not say how much.


  28. Nice post and great blog! Good to be traveling to your blog yet again, it's been months for me. Now this document that I've been waited for so long. :) Thanks.



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