Mango Delight

Mango is one my favorite tropical fruit. It has a wonderful flavor. They are very famous for there vibrant yellow color. Mangoes can be used throughout the year as they are available in cans and jars. They are available in cubes as well as puree.

Mango ice cream which I have made is with an electric hand mixer. This is equally creamy one as made in an ice cream maker. I whip heavy cream and mix the mango puree and freeze it and then whip it again and return it to the freezer and repeat this step for a couple of times.

Mango Delight is an ice cream which I had in one of the ice cream parlor near my place. I had a strawberry ice cream mixed with yellow cake and drizzled with honey and mixed with nuts. This was a main inspiration for my MANGO DELIGHT. Any tropical fruit marry with chocolate very nicely. So I decide to make this dessert.

This is my contribution to AFAM – mango for this month.

For Mango Ice Cream:

Ingredients :

Mango Puree – ½ cup
Heavy whipping cream – 1 cup
Sugar – ½ cup (can be reduced or increased)
Vanilla flavor – 1 teaspoon

Procedure :

1. Cut the mangoes into cubes and puree it or a store bought one can be used.

2. Whip the cream in an electric hand mixer until a stiff peak is formed. Mixing the sugar in between the process.

3. Now fold in the mango puree and vanilla into the whipped cream. Do not over work on it.

4. Now keep the mixture in the freezer.

5. After one hour remove it and beat it for 5 mins, it will become soft again. Keep it in the freezer.

6. Repeat the same process for 3 times. (That is point 5)

For Chocolate Cake:

We can use the box mix of chocolate devil cake or my version of chocolate cake is in Chocolate Dream.
Avoid the frosting recipe.

For Mango Delight:

Mango Ice cream – 1 scoop
Chocolate cake – 1 piece
Chocolate chips – ¼ cup
Little Chocolate syrup for drizzling.

Procedure :

1. Keep a bowl in a freezer for 1 hour.

2. Crumble the cake into very small pieces.

3. Take the bowl from the freezer and in that bowl mix the ice cream, cake and chocolate chips and return it to the freezer.

4. And scoop it to the serving bowl and drizzle it with chocolate syrup.


  1. homemade ice cream with chocolate sauce and cake!!! nothing can be better than that. i have got mango kulfi at home and after looking at ur pics i am craving for it sitting in my office:)

  2. wow Sukanya homemade icecream yummy. i just hate the mango icecreams available comercially. i loved your way of preparing do you get the right texture with it. mine comes slightly thinner. Will try your version, thks for the recipe!

  3. WAH!!!!! What a lovely combo!!!! Thats a great dessert! :)

  4. beautiful presentattion! loved the way you have drizzled the choc sauce, looks so professional!

  5. this recipe looks so yummy. I am also planning to make something like this. it looks so mouthwatering.

  6. u make mango ice creams?!!!wow! i buy hagendaaz ones and gobble. what kind of an ice cream maker do u need for this?

  7. Both the desserts look heavenly...

  8. wow sukanya
    mango ice cream looks yummy yummy!!!

  9. Hi,
    this ice cream looks YUM !!!
    and Thaks for the wondeful comments.

  10. Hi friends.....
    Sia's corner:
    Ya thats true! thanks for ur comments.

    Thank u ...

    Thank u....

    Thank u for ur comments...

    Thank u....

    There is no need of ice-cream maker for my version of mango ice-cream...I blend it with electric hand mixer....u can also use a blender.

    Thank u...

    Thank u .....

    Pooja V:
    Weclome to my blog....Thank u for ur comment.

  11. Sukanya, the mango ice cream (my favourite flavour) and the mango delight are delightful. I would love to have some now :)

  12. thanx for dropping in my blog and you have here an amazing collection...have been away for a while from the blogger phaps failed to notice your blog so far...

  13. Absolutely beautiful picture Sukanya. Your presentation looks so professional. It looks like a work of art. Nice recipe. will try it for sure.

  14. Hey suganya.Mango delight is so yummy........ill try it.

  15. wow!!
    mango and Ice cream
    match made in heaven huh!!
    too tempting!!!

  16. this mango delight just likes a resturant menu!!! so beautiful!

  17. Anonymous16/5/07

    The picture is making my mouth water!

  18. Hi friends.....
    They are my favourite too....Thanks for ur comments..

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for ur comments..

    Thank u...

    Do try it...Thank u..

    Ya that's true...Thank u for ur comments..

    Thank u.

    Welcome to my blog..Thank u for ur comments...

  19. wow,its easy and seems sooo soo ,what other word than this-yummyyyyyyyyyy:).
    can surely give it a try!!i love mangoes too:)

  20. How beautiful Sukanya.I didn't know you gad a blog,I clicked on your profile and it didn't take me anywhere.Glad I found you:))

  21. Hi Sukanya,

    Home made ice cream is always good. Good presentation... Thanks for sharing.

  22. hi....
    Meera's blog:
    Do try it....Thank for ur comments..

    WELCOME to my blog...Happy to see u in my blog...Thanks for ur comments.

    Menu today:
    Thank u for ur comments.

  23. Wow that's a great ice cream, such yummy combinations too. Simple loved it

  24. Homemade Ice cream looks delicious!!! And the combo with cake is even better!!! Thanx for the recipe :)

  25. homemade mango ice-cream... delicious. it reminds me of the days when we would make it at home and freexe it in the ice-cream trays :) great pictures too.

  26. Hi friends....
    Thank u for ur comment..

    Ramya's Mane Adige:
    Thank u so much.

    Thank u...

  27. It is a treat . All the goodies in one dish. Yummy :)

  28. Sukanya,comment section is not open in your new post!!

  29. many cool cool recipes..great work!

  30. Hi....
    Thank u archana.....

    Thank u for informing me. I think it is ok now.

    Thank u

  31. Though I am not a big fan of mango dessets, right now I am drooling looking at your scoops of mango icecream.

  32. OMG is there no end to your creativity, this looks so delish

  33. first time here i guess..nice blog you have..mind blowing recipes..i too made mango icecream a week ago..but i havent posted it till now..but yours looking so yummy..awesome pic too :)
    Visit my blog when you find time..



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