Aadi Koozh / Ragi Porridge / How to cook Ragi Ambali

Aadi Koozh is a ragi porridge offered as prasadam to Amman / Ammavaru during the tamil month of Aadi. Usually aadi koozh is served with karuvattu / dry fish kuzhambu, drumstick leaves stir fry, small onions, green chilles. I have tried to create the flavors of this porridge which brings back the memory of Aadi masam in chennai.

Ingredients : 

Ragi flour - 1 cup

Water - 2 cups

Cooking Ragi Koozh: : 

Raw rice - 1/4 cup

Fermented Ragi batter

Water - 3 cups

Hot water - 3 cups

Mixing Koozh / Porridge: 

Buttermilk (mix 1/2  yogurt with 1 cup water)

Cooked Ragi koozh 


Raw onions

Raw green chilies

Procedure : 

1. Mix well 1 cup Ragi flour with 2 cups water without lumps. Ferment the batter for 8 to 10 hrs.

2. Grind 1/4 cup raw rice to a big coarse powder.

3. Boil 3 cups of water and add the broken rice and cook. Once rice is cooked and all the water will be absorbed.

3. Now add 3 cups hot water and mix well

4. Now pour the fermented ragi batter. Keep stirring while pouring. 

5. Keep stirring until ragi is cooked ( about 10 mins ). Koozh will turn dark in color once cooked.

6. Dip 4 fingers in cold water and tap on the top of cooked Ragi. Ragi must not stick to the fingers .

7. Mix 1/4 cup curd with 1 cup water to make buttermilk.

8. Scoop some cooled koozh in a bowl and add enough salt. Now slowly dilute the koozh with buttermilk and top it with onions.

Step by Step Video :

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