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These are tiny flavorful bites of idly great as an appetizer, evening snack or for lunch box. For these idly i make the chutneys extremely flavorful as that the idils can be eaten as it is without a dip. Adding of ENO fruit salt is a must because when chutney is added to the batter, the batter itself will loose this natural raising ability. So Eno helps the idlis to raise well and make them very soft and plummy.

Ingredients : 

Idly Batter 
Coriander Chutney
Red Bell pepper chutney 
Eno fruit salt


Procedure : 

1. Divide idly batter in 3 bowls 
2. Mix coriander chutney to idly batter to get green batter (mix until you get the desired depth of color) 
3. Mix red bell pepper chutney to another bowl of batter to get orange batter 
4. Mix a pinch of ENO fruit salt to each of the bowl and mix well. (This needs to be added because chutney added to the batter will make the batter loose its natural raising ability) 
5. White color idlis can be made with regular batter (no need to add ENO) 
6. Pour the 3 color batters in mini idly pan and steam cook for 5-8 mins 
7. Once cooled a bit user toothpicks to skewer the idlis

Step by Step Video :

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