Father’s Day Breakfast - Egg In A Hole

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!!!

This is nothing but a simple bread and egg breakfast, but presented in a fancy way. The yolk may be cooked fully or runny. I have made it runny as my husband likes so.

I have used a heart shape cookie cutter to make a hole in my bread. I got this idea from a cooking magazine. We love oregano on our bread so I have used it, this is totally optional. So Dedicating this breakfast to all the father’s in this World!!!!!

Ingredients :
Whole Grain Bread - 1 slice
Egg - 1
Red Pepper Flakes - ½ pinch
Butter - 1 tablespoon
Dried Oregano - 1 pich

Procedure : 

Using a cookie cutter cut a heart shape on the bread. Spread butter on both the sides of the bread. Sprinkle oregano on it. Heat a griddle and toast the bread lightly on both the sides. Now place the bread on the griddle flat and crake the egg into the hole of the bread. Let it cook in low flame. Sprinkle salt and pepper flaks. Once the egg is cooked according to once wish. Remove and serve it warm.

Note: Dried oregano is optional, Any other herb can be used instead.

 Alternatively garlic butter can also be used

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  1. beautifully done breakfast

  2. Wow stunning breakfast, simply inviting and irresistible...

  3. wow...so tempting toast...Love it...

  4. A perfect breakfast ...looks so yum

  5. Thank u friends for ur comments...

  6. A classic and delicious breakfast..love this anytime.

  7. Oh yes..its definitely perfect breakfast..Nice click too..

  8. So glad to see you after a long time, sukanya :)
    How are doing?
    Your recipes are purely exotic with stunning pictures!
    I am so lazy with blog hopping and missing my former blogger buddies these days...:(
    Thanks again for coming by, Suki :)

  9. Thank u Kothiyavunu and Suman Singh for ur comments.....

    Hi Bharathy... I am doing good. How abt u, Nice to hear for u, even i am missing them so much. Its very hard to find them nowadays. I am also taking breaks here and there as my little one keeps me busy. But yet I don't want to give up my passion.

  10. I liked your blog very much. Fabulous and delicious breakfast. Wonderful presentation.
    You are welcome at my blogs.

  11. o...wow...wat a gorgeous click...nicely presented..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  12. i don like my eggs sunny side up, but this sounds like a cool brunch idea



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