Strawberry Shrikhand

Happy Mother’s Day to the entire MOM’s in this world!!!!

Don’t forget to wish ur mom!!! I have made strawberry shirkindi for this mother’s day. Dedicating this to my mom.....

This is a classic Gujarati dessert originally flavored with cardamom and saffron. But some fruit purees can also be added to change its orginal charecterstic. I have tried with straberys, mangos and rasperries and once with pistatio paste also. Please let me know if any other flavor tastes good also.

Ingredients :
Low fat yogurt - 1 cup
Fresh strawberries - ¼ cup
Sugar - ¼ cup or more depends up the tartness of the berries
Saffron - 1 pinch soaked in 1 teaspoon of warn milk
Cardamom - ¼ teaspoon
Pistachios for garnishing.

Procedure : 

Place small strainer on the bowl. The bottom of the strainer should not touch the bottom of the bowl.

Now place a kitchen paper towel on the strainer.

Place the yourghut on the paper towel.

Close the side of the paper towel. Paper can touch the your hut surface.
Place this bowl in the refrigerator for overnight.

During the time of serving the dessert. In a blender mix strawberry and sugar and make a smooth puree.

Strain it through a fine sive and collect the puree and refridgerate it.

Remove the strainer from refregirator.

Now place the strained yourhut in a bowl and add the strawberry puree, saffron milk and the cardamom powder.

Wisk all together into a smooth paste. Transfer this to a decorative bowl and top it with pistachios..

Note: Whole milk yoghurt can be used if needed.

The flavor of strawberry and sweetness can be altered according to ur wish. But if u add too much of strawberry puree, ur shirkind will be watery.

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  1. Absolutely delectable ~ gorgeous pics!
    Happy Mother's day !
    US Masala

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  8. Love the flavour gud and nice pic

  9. Yummy.Excellent dessert this is Sukanya.Great Clicks as well.

  10. Superb .. strawberry srikhand looks yummy .. Happy Mother's Day.


  11. Gorgeous and utterly delicious shrikhand, Happy mother's day Sukanya..

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  13. Wowwwww.... lovely recipe dear.. looks really gr8 !!
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  14. very delicious recipe. happy mother's day

  15. Anonymous9/5/11

    strawberry yogurt truly delish, loved your presentation and style

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  17. Strawberry srikhand looks awesome. easy to make

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  20. Delicious and tempting.....
    Happy Mother's Day!!

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