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This is a very easy and short cut recipe for kalakand. Traditionally kalakand have a very long process to be done. The Chena (fresh home made paneer) have to be prepared separately and a semi solid koya have to prepared from milk, again preparing koya is a long process.

Another short cut method is using store bought paneer. Grate the paneer and then crumble it with the hands to make a soft and smooth chena. Then follow the same procedure given below. If using paneer, the soft chena should be 2 cups for 1 tin of condensed milk.

So kalakand is the Diwali special sweet my house.

I would like to send this Kalakand to Mansi of Fun & Food cafe, she is hosting A Sweet Celebration - Recipe Contest. All the best to u Mansi for hosting the event.

I would also like to send it to Purva Desai of Purva's Daawat. She is hosting Diwali Dhamaka. All the best to u Purva for hosting the event.

This Kalakand also goes to Seericha of Mom's Recipes. She is hosting Sweet Series Event. All the best to u Seericha for hosting the event.

Ingredients :

Condensed milk – 1 tin
Whole milk Ricotta cheese – 1 tub (16 oz tub) or 2 cups fresh homemade paneer crumb
Cardamom Powder – 1 teaspoon
Saffron – 2 heavy pinches
Yellow food color (optional)
Ghee – 2 tablespoon

Procedure :

In a non stick pan melt half the ghee, add the full container of ricotta cheese and saute the mixture. All the moisture from the ricotta cheese must evaporate completely.

Now add the condensed milk, cardamom powder, saffron and the food color. Keep on stirring the mixture until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan or the whole mixture comes together as a single ball.

Transfer the mixture to the greased pan and let it cool and cut into desired shape.

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  1. This sounds way easy. I used to make it in the traditional way, which is quite time consuming :-) Happy Diwali !!!

  2. Nice post..Happy Diwali....

  3. A very happy Diwali to you as well.

  4. Slurp!!!
    What a delicious recipe!! Sure a must try for Kalkand lovers! Lovely presentation dear!

  5. oops forgot to wish u.Wish u & ur family Happy & prosperous funfilled diwali!!

  6. Happy Deepavali!
    I have posted long back kalakand my fav sweet! Delicious :)

  7. Happy Deepavali! Sukanya.

    That is one delicious Deepavali sweet.

  8. HAPPY DEEPAVALI TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. kalakand looks so mouth-watering nice and easy recipe..

  9. Happy Deepavali to you and your family. The Kalakand looks sure delicious and ofcourse it definetly is a short cut one and have to try out your version soon.

  10. looks so good, and easy too! happy diwali!

  11. This looks divine! Happy Diwali!

  12. sounds simple but yet delicious too...really like the colour of it and nicely presented too sukanya..hope u had a wonderful diwali...

  13. Happy Deepavali. Kalakand looks so so yumm.

  14. Hi sukanya,
    how are you?
    Kalakand luks perfect.....nice pic

  15. woo sukanya..what a yummy delicious dessert....looks sooooooooooo tempting..

  16. Hey Sukanya,

    Thanks for sharing your love on my blog... that introduces me to your awesome blog with such a gr8 collection & clicks to match....

    Do keep in touch...


  17. Following you now too........Would love to taste your hot & sweet bowl full of recipes...


  18. i use the ricotta cheese too. looks yum!

  19. wonderful sweet for the festival of light !!

  20. Yum, please share some with me!



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