Chettinad Varutha Kozhi / Chettinad Chicken Fry

Chettinad Varutha Kozhi is a spicy chicken cooked until thick as desired.

This is one of my favorite chicken dishes. I got this recipe for one of the old cookbook of Chettinad recipes. They taste very good with rice (sambar rice), Chapattis, idly, iddiappam and dosas. Mostly all Chettinad recipes are made using sesame oil. That was the traditional way of cooking in Chettinad food. I am not a big fan of using sesame oil in my food, but it’s my hubby’s favorite, so after cooking, I use to drizzle some sesame oil for him. That too tastes equally good it seems.

This varutha kozhi is very famous in any Chettinad restaurants. This recipe brings more of a home cooked taste and flavor. When ever I get chicken with bones, immediately I go for this recipe and each time it has turned out so good.

I would like to send this recipe to vandana rajesh of Cooking up something nice for this month’s theme Chicken

Ingredients :

Chicken Pieces With Bone – 2 lb
Shallots – ½ cup
Whole Red Chilies – 15 nos
Coriander seeds – 4 teaspoon
Fresh Ginger – 2”
Fresh Garlic Cloves – 10 nos
Fennel Seeds – 1 tablespoon
Black Stone Flower – 1 small
Sesame Oil – 2 tablespoon

Procedure :

1. In a heavy bottom pan heat the sesame oil and add the chicken pieces and saute them for few minutes.

2. In the mean while saute the shallots for 2 minutes in a separate pan and allow it to cool. Now add the cooled shallots and all the above masala ingredients (except salt and black stone flower) to a blender and make it to a smooth paste.

3. Add the paste to the chicken on the pan with some salt and black stone flower and saute it for few seconds and now pour 1 cup of water and allow the chicken to cook and the masala comes to desired consistency. I made it completely dry. Then while serving drizzle with some sesame oil.


  1. I have asked amma to send Kalpasi after seeing ur chettinad chicken curry.Once i get that i will definetly make it.Chicken looks mouthwatering

  2. Hi Kamala...
    O... that's nice. Do try it and let me know. Thank u for ur comments...

  3. I will send my husband to your place so he can taste this :) I don't cook/eat Non Veg.

  4. Hi Laavanya:
    O sure... Any one can taste my chicken. Thank u for ur comments...

  5. I love sesame oil, sounds good to prepare the chettinadu chicken in dry version (varutha kozhi)! i just imagine the chicken with rasam!

  6. The chicken looks too good!

  7. OMG!! ur recipes make me drool, ALWAYS!! the gravy sticking on to that chicken is so clear....can i have some pls? :-)

  8. BTW, i just wanted to let u know that i like ur blog a lot, and i like u as my friend too!! expect a mail from me!

  9. Hi Cham:
    O... Ya... They will taste good with rasam rice too. Nice idea. Thank u for ur comments.

    Hi Meeso:
    Thank u...

    Hi Jz:
    Ya sure u can have it.... Thank u...

  10. am drooling over ur chicken here

  11. tempting chicken for a veggie like me.....liked the cucumber petite snaps

  12. Hi Divya:
    Thank u for ur comments...

    Hi Bhags:
    Glad that u like to see my chicken... Thank u...

  13. Drooling here Sukanya, love the color and I am sure tastes awesome.

  14. woooooo...its just mouthwaters sukanya.....can i have a bite plzz....even i had addedd chicken recipe too...

  15. My husband loves chicken, this is very nice recipe. Will make for him soon!!!

  16. Wow are you trying to make me drool on my pc.
    Looks spicy and DELICIOUS

  17. oh my god sukanya!!!this is simply making me drool over and over again..never made it so dry..i always made the gravy version....but i will make this dry verion coz its just too much torture now :)

  18. Hi Indosungod:
    Ya it did. Thank u for ur comments.

    Hi Suma Rajesh:
    Thank u....

    Hi Madhavi:
    Do try it and let me know. Thank u for ur comments....

    Hi Happy cook:
    Thank u...

    Hi Ranji:
    Do try it. Glad that u people liked this. Thank u for ur comments...

  19. ooh..i need to try my hand something chettinad soon..looks mouthwatering:)

  20. Hi delhibelle, Do try it. Thank u for ur comments...

  21. A surprise for u on my blog

  22. Anonymous6/6/08

    Pictures are drooling.......

  23. Oh, she has a chicken event! I am happy!:)

    Looks delcious, I love chicken drumsticks, has so much flavor!:)

  24. hey sukanya, i have something in my blog....did u get my mail???

  25. We will love this we always eat it outside, though I do not cook NV at home these days, will try this when I go To moms place, dad loves this

  26. Very nice recipe & picture too, Thanks for sharing.

  27. Though I am a vegetarian but can still vouch for this lovely dish !!

  28. I love Chettinad cuisine! The chicken fry looks amazing!

  29. Chettinad cuisine is my all time favorite! I recently posted Chettinad mutton curry in my blog..

    I will soon try your chicken too.. :)

  30. Hi Easycrafts:
    Hay thank u for ur comments and awards....

    Hi Sireesha:
    Thank u....

    Hi Asha:
    O...Ya Love chicken drumsticks a lot. Thank u for ur comments...

    Hi JZ:
    Thank u for ur award and comments.

    Hi Medhaa:
    Do try this recipe. They tastes great....

  31. Hi Meera:
    Thank u for ur comments....

    Hi Swati: Sugarcraft India:
    O that's nice...Thank u

    Hi Vani:
    Thank u for ur comments..

    Hi Sujatha:
    I will look into it. Thank u for ur comments....

  32. Sukanya, your chicken looks too good!! I'm with Cham about the rasam... Am bookmarking this to try! :)

  33. wow...i have never tried chettinad chicken fry that too dry and it looks so yumm...and it is looking so yumm that i am feeling hungry already!

  34. Hi Suganya,
    I want to go to india now, after seeing your Chettinad Varutha Kozhi fry, because,we cannot get in UK like this. or can you send some to us



  35. Devika24/10/09

    Helloo sukanya..

    The pics look amazing..Lemme try them soon..



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