Curried Bananas

Curried banana are sweet and spicy appetizer.

This is Paula Deen’s recipe. Got it from her site. This is first time I tested this recipe. I t was good. We both loved it a lot. The sweetness from the banana and the spiciness from the curry powder make the best combo. The aroma from the baked banana with the curry powder is so good. So happy to share this recipe with U friends…

So I am planning to send this for this month’s Monthly Mingle - Appetizers & Hors'Doeuvres . Meeta of What's For Lunch Huney? Started this Lovely event Monthly Mingle and Mansi Desai of Fun N Food is hosting this month's event. Good luck to u.. .

Ingredients :

Firm bananas, peeled - 4
Melted butter - 6 tablespoon
Thai Curry powder - 1 tablespoon
Crushed corn cereal (recommended Cornflakes) - 2 cups

Procedure :

1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Halve the bananas lengthwise, then crosswise.

2. In a bowl, mix the butter and curry powder. Dip the bananas in butter, coat well.

3. Roll the bananas in the cornflakes until completely coated.

4. Place the banana in a greased baking dish and bake for 10 minutes.


  1. wow, that sure looks simple and tasty! thanks so much for sending it to MM!:)

  2. Wow, such a wonderful appetizer Sukanya. I can feel how crunchy it turned out! Yummy!

  3. Love your blog, beautiful colors and header. curried Banana looks crisp and yummy.

    Paula Deen makes really authentic southern food. We don't have to add THAT "stick of butter" to everything as she says but her dishes really taste good. Good one S, have a fun weekend!:)

  4. Hi Mansi:
    Thank u for ur comments...

    Hi Cham:
    Ya It was crunchy... Thank u for ur comments...

    Hi Asha:
    Ya, I always use to be little conscious abt that stick of butter Paula Deen uses in her recipes, but her recipes which I have tried, tastes so good. Thank u for ur comments...

  5. I've seen caramelised bananas, but curried bananas looking like heaven!? only on ur blog sukanya! yummy, crrrunchy! hey sukanya, theres a poll going on in my blog, it would be great if u cud vote!

  6. This sounds different, but very good!

  7. Hi Jz...
    Thank u for ur comments. I will check out ur pool for sure...

    Hi Meeso:
    Thank u for ur comments...

  8. Sounds so simple but looking so delicious sukanya

  9. I agree with Asha.:-)
    I think it'll be just as good with half the amount of butter.

    What a lovely appetizer!

  10. wow..what a neat and simple recipe.

  11. Looks real good, haven't tasted it ever.

  12. hai sukanya..i do the same way but instead of curry powder i dip bananas into sugar syrup and coat it with cornflakes and bake.....this too is paula's recipe....urs look tempting and crunchy.....

  13. That's so simple, Sukanya! It reminds me of some fried chicken we get here, to tell the truth!

  14. Sukanya, this is fantastic..never knew one can make this with banana..:)

  15. its a nice recipe and once for it will make bananas edible for me...

  16. Looks crunchy and delicious. Would like to try them.

  17. crunchy, munchy bananas. Simple and delicious.

  18. thislooks so easy nd tasty,.thnks for sharing,.

  19. did u hear that there's something waiting for you over at my place..? :-)

  20. Hi Kamal:
    As u told, it is very simple. has only 3 steps. Thank u for ur comments

    Hi TBC:
    Ya that would be great, I some time would make a combo of butter and olive oil also for savory dishes. Especially I love all of her soup recipes. Thank u fro ur comments.

    Hi Pooja:
    Thank u for ur comments.

  21. Hi Sandeepa:
    Thank u for ur comments. Do try it once.

    Hi Suma Rajesh:
    O.... That also a nice idea. I will try it this time. It will be a sweet appetizer... Cool... Thank u for this idea and comments..

    Hi Sra:
    O... as u said I love conflacks dipped catfish. It is very popular near my place. It tasts very good. Thank u for ur comments...

    Hi Srivalli:
    I think it will be great with apples too, but never tried it, Will try it soon and let u know...Thank u...

    Hi Bhags:
    He..He..Heee... U don't like bananas... Me too, not a big fan of bananas that's the reason i make some dessert out of it. Thank u..

    Hi Cilantro:
    Do try it. Glad that u liked it. Thank u for ur comments...

    Hi Uma:
    Ya it is a very simple dish. Can be made in a breeze. Thank u

    Hi Notyet:
    Glad that u liked it ..Thank u....

    Hi JZ:
    Will check into it... Thank u..

  22. simple, but very unique dish..looks so lovely...must have tasted great..

  23. whoa...delicous sukanya!!!lovely feast for the eyes and looks so crispy and yummmm...great entry:)

  24. Wow!!!! Banana curry looks fantastic and tantalising.
    Can we get the same when we do pan frying?Is it possible to replace Thai cyrry powder with South Indian masala powder if not please post details about Thai curry powder

  25. would love to pass the rocking girl blog award to you..Pl. check my blog..You rock!!!

  26. Hi Ranji:
    Thank u for ur comments.

    Hi Baskaran:
    I have not tried pan frying it. Thai curry powder is very simillar to curry powder which we get in indian grocerie store. so can use that also. Thank u so much for ur comments. Hope I have cleared ur doubt, if not let me know.

    Hi sowmya:
    Thank u for ur comments! Thank u for passing me the award.

  27. Tasty entry, lovely recipe, thanxx for sharing!!!

  28. That is a very unusual recipe Sukanya... I can just imagine the texture and taste... :)

  29. Hi Madhavi and Sig..
    Thank u for ur sweet comments...

  30. That appetizer must ahve a lovely amalgamation of sweet & savory flavors! Love the simplicity of it.

  31. The curried bananas look so also have a nice and a colourful can visit my blog and give ur comments.

  32. fab recipe...and so handy

  33. Looks wonderful ... when you say curry powder what do you mean? Is it karimasal powder (the powder which is used to prepare chicken curry)?

    Also what is the alternate for corn flakes?


  34. This looks great Sukanya! Paula's recipes never fail:) maybe you should send these in for the Magic Bullet Giveaway on my blog:) or something more fancy, if you like:)



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