Break N Cake

Hi friends.....
I am going to India on Sep 16 for a long vacation (more than 4 months)..... Ya........I am going to finish my MBA which I discontinued becoz of my marriage......

I am very eager to spend time with my family and friends.....And I am going to miss u friends a lot and Ur recipes........But I am sure will update my blog form India when ever I find time.........

Since I have little packing work .....I am taking a break know itself......

Talking about this cake, this was my first try making a tired cake...... This was my final cake which I made in my class.... That is a chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream icing...For more of my decorated cakes click here

Enjoy blogging and have fun with food.....

Miss u all.......


  1. Beautiful cake!
    Enjoy your time in India.

  2. Going to India? Oh, will miss you. Anyway, take care and good luck for your MBA. Nice cake picture. Enjoy!!!

  3. More than 4 months!! WOW!! Well..have fun,good luck with the MBA and enjoy the family as well!
    I will certainly miss you and your comments. Keep in touch sweet girl, hugs to you from a friend!:)
    Btw, fab tiered cake, that is hard to make ,atleast for me.
    Happy Ganesha festival to you and your's.

  4. Wow.. you made a tiered cake?That's so cool. It looks really good. Have a good time back home.

  5. have fun..and good luck on that MBA..

  6. Hey have a good time in India, finish up your MBA and we will miss you here.
    Good luck !!!
    Cake is awesome it looks so perfect !!

  7. Beautiful and very rich...Wow going to India for more than 4 monts...lucky yaar...wish I could come ...but anyways Good luck and sure we all gonna miss u...

  8. Oh honey, you will be missed. Please stay in touch, even if it is by email. I'll drop you a line every now and then to see how you are doing. Good luck with your studis and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

  9. Finish your MBA, have a good time, best of luck!

  10. all the best for the MBA completion.
    you are so good at making cakes!! If you were near my place, for all occasions I would have ordered from you:) have a nice time in India.

  11. the wedding cake kept against your backyard looks very pretty and beautiful :)

    Enjoy your vacation and all the best for your exams.
    take care

  12. Hey!! first time here and I see u r off to a vacation:( neways, I'll savour your beautiful cake till then...good luck with your MBA, and have tonnes of fun with your family:)

  13. Four Months! Enjoy your vacation Sukanya... Good luck with the MBA...

  14. Great cake!!
    enjoy ur trip
    I will be there in Nov!!
    Good luck with ur studies too

  15. Miss you Sukanya,
    good luck!

  16. Happy vacation and all the best for your studies.

  17. Hello Sukanya,
    Hope u are enjoying your vacation in India and studying hard for your MBA.I am missing your comments and have fun with your family and frds back home and have a memorable vacation.
    The cake looks awesome.
    Thanks for sharing

  18. Good luck Sukanya and enjoy yourself!

  19. excellent one ....have great fun in india

  20. Hi..the wedding cake really looks pretty...where are you in India.
    Good luk for ur MBA
    Do visit me on
    and would be delighted to see your comments as well.

  21. Hope you are back by now..
    Missing you, suks..

  22. enjoy yr vacation and studies :)


  24. Hope everythis is going well in India. Have fun!

  25. Anonymous17/1/08

    Hello Sukanya Ramkumar,

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