Tapioca Puttu

Tapioca is a root vegetable......It is a thick, fibrous roots.....It has a dark brown skin and white flesh inside....

I have made puttu out of it...This is one of my favorite sweet...I learned this recipe from my grandma...She makes this for me every time I visit her house... I thought i am going to miss this puttu after coming to US...But luckily now days i am able to find this Tapioca in the shops and i started to make this puttu.

I grate the Tapioca and coconut..Then steam the Tapioca until it is cooked and then mix in the coconut, sugar and cardamon powder...

I made this puttu last weekend and I thought it will be the best recipe for Nupar's A to Z of Indian Vegetables event for "T". So Topioca Puttu

is my contribution for the letter "T" ..

Ingredients :

Tapioca - 1 lb
Coconut - 1 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup or according to taste
Cardamom powder - 1/2 teaspoon

Procedure :

1. Peal the skin and grate the tapioca.

2. Tie the grated tapioca in wet cloth and steam until it is cooked (About 10 to 15 mins)

3. Once it is cooked remove from the cloth and bring to a large bowl and mix the sugar while it is still worm.

4. Now mix the grated coconut and cardamom powder.

5. It can be served hot or at room temperature.


  1. I didn't you can make puttu with Sago! looks so good Sukanya.Thanks for posting a unique dish:)

  2. such a creative dish! the mix of coconut & cardamom is so appealing in the dish :) it looks so soft and tasty, wish i cud taste it NOW :)

  3. Anonymous8/6/07

    I like the name "Puttu"...so cuuuute!

  4. What an unusual dish, Sukanya! Thanks for a great entry!

  5. Dear Sukanya, what a wonderful blog you have! All your recipes are interesting, and the cakes are gorgeous! And I like how you explain what the ingredients are and how good for you they are.. congratulations! And thanks for stopping by my blog. Would you like to participate to my fresh produce of the month event? Check it out (the notice was on may 19, in case you didn't see it).

  6. In the Caribbean we make something called pone with the same ingredients you have there - tapicoa, coconut and sugar and we also add cinnamon. It is baked in the oven until the liquid from the tapicoa dries out and golden brown, it is called pone.

    I will share this recipe you have here with my mom.

  7. It certainly is a nice dish . Good entry for T series.

  8. Hi friends
    It will taste very nice. Thank u.

    Coconut & cardamom is a good combination Thank u.

    Thank u.

    Ya it is.....Thank u.

    Thank u for dropping by........

    Pone sounds great...It think it will be dry but this puttu will be sticky and gummy.....Thank u....

    Thank u...

  9. this is very unique Sukanya, haven;t heard of this thks dear for sharing!

  10. Hi!

    My mom will make it at home .It will be full filling even when you have in small quantity! Instead of grating first it can be cooked in pressure cooker and then peel the skin and smash.By that way wont it be easy to peel the skin? can we do like that too? its just an idea.

  11. quite an unusual puttu, really - i never thought tapioca can be used this way - it ahs been my least favorite so far and i wa slooking to find different ways to cook it... thanks for sharing this recipe.

  12. Its something new and tapioca is healthy too. Viji

  13. Hi friends...
    Thank u...

    I have tried like that also....... But I think if it is going to be smashed in hand, it will become more musshy..Since it has lot of starch in them it tends to become more gummy. Thank u..

    That's true viji...Thank u

  14. Do try it sheela.....It is a great recipe...

  15. ooh, i love tapioca. should try this recipe!



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