Carrot Milk Shake

Ingredients :

Carrots pealed and cubed – 1 cup
Milk (may be low fat milk or whole milk) – 1 cup
Cashew nut– 4
Sugar – 1 0r 2 teaspoon

Procedure :

1. In a microwave safe bowl put the carrots, milk, sugar, cashew nut and microwave it in high for 2 mins or till the carrot is cooked.(this can be done in the stove top also).

2. Now let the mixture cool and pour it in a blender and blend it until the carrot is well mixed with the milk.

3. Pour it in a glass and serve it hot or cold.


  1. Zarona11/7/09

    does it taste good warm?

  2. Anonymous3/12/09

    Never thought of making a carrot milkshake, thanks for the idea



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